Print the easy way with Print Guru!

Print Guru specializes in all kinds of ink and printing. From business cards, to checks to printer ink, we do it all. If we can't help you, we'll find someone who can!


Do you find checks from your bank boring? Well so do we. We can help you design and find solutions to tailor your own personal or business checks to your needs.

Business Cards

It's simple. First impressions last. Let us help you to design and find a business card that not only suits who you are and what your business does, but also one that instills into the minds of others what you're trying to achieve.

Ink & Toner

Feel free to shop around before you come to us looking for ink. We're able to source the cheapest and best quality ink and toner for nearly every printer model ever built.


Whether you're after large individual quality prints, or simply large masses of prints for your work or home, let us help you to find the best deals available. In such a competitive market, it's not worth your time or hassle to search for this yourself.