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Business Cards

One of the most important aspects of doing business today is letting people know who you are and where they can find you. We are all very connected and usually pretty accessible due to the internet or cell phones, but it’s still nice to have a marketing piece that you can use to not only pass along your contact information, but also leave a piece of you with the person you are trying to make an impression with.

Business cards might seem outdated, but they are still the most popular form of giving and receiving personal contact information. Attend a networking event and be prepared to see a lot of passing of business cards. They may seem somewhat obsolete due to the ease of entering someone’s contact information into your cell phone, but they actually carry a lot of value because it makes the exchange that takes place with the other person tangible. It’s a memory of you and your conversation.

Business card are best purchased online. You can design them yourself or have someone design them for you. Buying online significantly reduces the cost of having them printed at a local walk in shop. Furthermore, it's often quicker.

Ink & Toner

When looking to buy toner for your lazer printer, consider buying re-manufactured cartridges. Recycled cartridges are taken apart and all the components are checked. Any part that is damaged or deteriorated is exchanged for one that is working properly. The cartridge is cleaned and new ink/printer heads installed before. Typically, re-manufactured products are cheaper because only the ink is new, not the casings. These cartridges are also good for the environment since nearly all of their parts are reusable. Most re-manufactured cartridge suppliers are reliable and offer quality toner that equal or surpass OEM standards. Furthermore, they will nearly always come with a guarantee.

You money by purchasing inkjet cartridges in bulk, particularly when orders exceed $100 or $200. Always plan on spending more for color inkjet cartridges. No matter which discount ink cartridges store you favor you can expect to pay about 30 percent more for color ink than black because a black ink cartridge contains one ink reservoir for one color ink. Color ink cartridges have three reservoirs; blue, yellow and magenta.

So should you buy printer manufacturer or generic ink/cartridges? The majority of printer manufacturers also have their own line of ink cartridges but that doesn’t mean the compatible version won’t work in your printer. Generally manufacturers’ cartridges contain a little better quality ink but most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. For everyday use, a generic brand is just fine. If you decide to buy a brand name inkjet cartridge online discount ink cartridges stores provide the best deals.


Printing large documents and photos today is easier than ever. In fact, it's cheaper to do so now than it used to be! Many different companies these days offer printing services that you simple just cannot beat for cost. Sure, if you want just a couple of documents printed it's probably easier to do at home, but when it comes to dozens of photos or large documents, you will find that getting an online printing company to do the work is much easier and cheaper. You won't have hassles with ink running out; you won't have hassles with paper jams. All you need to do is submit your photos or documents online through the appropriate companies interface, given them your credit card details and a couple of days later, you have the documents or photos at your doorstep. It's so easy to have things printed and what's more, the quality is normally much better than you would get at home.

It's also a great options for businesses who don't want to purchase large and expensive printing equipment. The amount of time your company can save having things printed online will well and truly pay for itself in gained work time. But time isn't everything. You also must ensure that your documents are bright, crisp, and accurate. This is something you cannot necessarily do you in your office. Printing companies will normally guarantee their work and if your not happy, they'll print your items again for you.

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